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Annotation type definition looks similar to which of the following?


A : Method

B : Class

C : Interface

D : Field

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Annotations which are applied to other annotations are called meta annotations.




C : -

D : -

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Calculate the value of free-board that should be provided for a reservoir having a wind velocity of 92 km/h and it extends up to 18 km upstream.


A : 1.2 m

B : 1.6 m

C : 2.25 m

D : 2.5 m

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The upward acceleration of dam due to seismic activity will __


A : increase the base pressure

B : decrease the base pressure

C : not affect the effective weight of the dam

D : increase the horizontal dynamic force

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What is the average value of acceleration that is sufficient for high dams in seismic zones?


A : 0.1g to 0.15g

B : 0.05g to 0.1g

C : 0.3gs

D : 0.15g (where g is the acceleration due to gravity)

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What is the value of horizontal destabilizing force caused by the formation of waves in a storage reservoir having a fetch of 52 km due to high wind of 172 km/h?


A : 30 KN

B : 60 KN

C : 130 KN

D : 180 KN

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What is Von Karman's formula for hydrodynamic force (Pe)?


A : Pe = 0.726 pe H

B : Pe = 0.424 pe H

C : Pe = 0.555 pe H

D : Pe = 0.555.Kh. Yw H2

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Which of the following is not pre defined annotation in Java?


A : @Deprecated

B : @Overriden

C : @SafeVarags

D : @FunctionInterface

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Which one of the following annotations is not used in Hibernate?


A : @Entity

B : @Column

C : @Basic

D : @Query

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Which version of Java introduced annotation?


A : Java 5

B : Java 6

C : Java 7

D : Java 8

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