Preparation of Benzaldehyde & Aromatic Ketones Online Exam Quiz

Preparation of Benzaldehyde & Aromatic Ketones GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Preparation of Benzaldehyde & Aromatic Ketones. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Preparation of Benzaldehyde & Aromatic Ketones

A higher value of the group index indicates a strong subgrade.




C : -

D : -

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Aromatic ketones were synthesized from aromatic compounds via liquid?phase oxidation at 60 ?C and 1 atm over vanadium?containing which catalyst?


A : MCM-41

B : MCM-48

C : ZSM-5

D : ZK-5

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Benzaldehyde can be prepared by oxidation of toluene by which of the following reagent?


A : Acidic KMnO4

B : K2Cr2O7

C : CrO2Cl2

D : basic KMnO4

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Formation of aromatic ketone forms from benzene by CH3COCl?


A : Friedal craft alkylation

B : Friedal craft dealkylation

C : Friedal craft acylation

D : Friedal craft hydroxyalkylation

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In the triaxial method, the equation for the thickness of the pavement can be obtained by bringing __ term to one side.


A : p

B : z

C : a

D : E

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Ozonolysis of styrene will lead leads to formation of benzaldehyde along which compound?


A : O2

B : H2O2


D : H2O2 and HCHO

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Partial reduction of phenyl cyanide with stannous chloride and passing dry HCl gas in ether solution followed by hydrolysis of the aldimine stannic chloride with water to form benzaldehyde is called as which of the following method of preparation of benzaldehyde?


A : Gattermann Koch synthesis

B : Etards reaction

C : Stephan's reaction

D : Gattermann reaction

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The oxidation of benzyl chloride with lead nitrate gives which of the following compound?


A : Benzaldehyde

B : Benzyl alcohol

C : Benzoic acid

D : p-chlorobenzaldehyde

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The oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde by chromyl chloride is called as which of the following?


A : Cannizzaro reaction

B : Wurtz reaction

C : Etard reaction

D : Reimer-Tiemann reaction

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The triaxial method is based on which equation?


A : Boussinesq's stress

B : Boussinesq's displacement

C : Burmister's stress

D : Burmister's displacement

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