Switchgear and Protection - 2 Online Exam Quiz

Switchgear and Protection - 2 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Switchgear and Protection - 2. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Switchgear and Protection - 2

A longitudinal differential protection on stator can detect inter-turn on the stator.




C : -

D : -

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Bias is used in the relay protection to ___


A : provide balanced sharing of current

B : reduce current level

C : deivert the current

D : none of the mentioned

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The classification of prestressed concrete is based on the method of ___


A : Designing

B : Bending moments

C : Loading

D : Stresses acting

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The compression in concrete and tension in steel are developed by?


A : Joint cements

B : Expansion cements

C : Water cement ratio

D : Hardened cements

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The distortion principle of statically indeterminate structures is subjected by ___


A : Rotation

B : Distance

C : Placement

D : Absorption

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The prestressing used for arches and pavements involves the application of ___


A : Direct forces

B : Compressive forces

C : Tensile forces

D : Axial forces

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Unbalancing of an alternator may occur due to __


A : single phase fault

B : unbalanced loading

C : line breaking

D : all of the mentioned

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Which one of the following is the basic assumption involved in designing of prestressed concrete members?


A : Plane member remains plane before and after bending

B : Variation of stresses in tensile reinforcement

C : Development of principle stresses

D : Hooke's law is not valid for prestressing

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