While and For Loops - 2 Online Exam Quiz

While and For Loops - 2 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to While and For Loops - 2. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about While and For Loops - 2

Cotters and tie bars are used to fix rails to ___ sleepers.


A : concrete

B : cast Iron

C : mild steel

D : wooden

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MS tie bars are used for holding two plates of __ sleepers together.


A : CST-9

B : wooden

C : steel trough

D : cast Iron

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Two way keys are not used for fixing which of the following sleepers?


A : CST-9 sleepers

B : Wooden sleepers

C : Pot sleepers

D : Trough sleepers

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What was the disadvantage of older type of trough sleepers?


A : They were heavy

B : They used to get deformed easily

C : They were very costly

D : They didn't serve the purpose

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Which of the following is not a cotter used on Indian Railways?


A : Centre split cotter

B : Side split cotter

C : Solid end split cotter

D : Empty end split cotter

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Which of the following liner is used to overcome the problem of holes in trough sleepers?


A : Anderson liner

B : Mota Singh liner

C : Loose jaw liner

D : Trough liner

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Which of the following statement is wrong regarding rubber coated fish plates?


A : They were used at insulated joints

B : They had limited life

C : They are better than epoxy coated fish plates

D : They get damaged early in service

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