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Which command will executes a new Word file in a windows machine


A : word

B : msword

C : winword

D : None of the above

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Maximum number of columns supported by a table in a Word file is


A : 35

B : 47

C : 56

D : 63

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A Word 97-2003 document will be save in which extension


A : .doc

B : .dox

C : .docx

D : .doxc

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Maximum number of text column supported by a word document is


A : 12

B : 13

C : 14

D : 15

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Which function you will use to add names and addressess of different recepient for each copy of the letter


A : Envelopes

B : Labels

C : Mail Merge

D : Drop Cap

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Maximum line supported in the Drop Cap is


A : 8

B : 10

C : 13

D : 15

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What is the default font of a Microsoft Word 2007 document


A : Calibri

B : Vrinda

C : Times New Roman

D : Cambria

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If we press the F7 in a word file, it will __


A : Spelling and Grammar

B : Count total number of words in the page

C : Create next paragraph

D : Select the line

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Which one is the short cut command for Thesaurus


A : Ctrl + }

B : Shift + F2

C : Shift + F4

D : Shift + F7

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What is the maximum zoom value supported in a word page


A : 300

B : 400

C : 500

D : 600

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