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Who is known as the Father of modern Geology


A : Abraham Gottlob Werner

B : James Hutton

C : Florence Bascom

D : William Smith

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When the first Geological map of Great Britain by William Smith was published


A : 1807

B : 1812

C : 1815

D : 1821

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The scientific study of landforms, their processes, form and sediments at the surface of the Earth is known as


A : Geomorphology

B : Geomythology

C : Geophysics

D : Glaciology

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The term "Isostasy" was first proposed by


A : Sir George Airy

B : Clarence Dutton

C : R. A. Daly

D : Archdeacon Pratt

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Volcanoes are more numerous around which oceans


A : Indian

B : Atlantic

C : Arctic

D : Pacific

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Which one of the common mineral is present in granite


A : Calcite

B : Calcite

C : Dolomite

D : Haematite

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Which of the following is formed by glacial erosion


A : Yardang

B : Potholes

C : Arête

D : Cuesta

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Phonolite is a volcanic equivalent of


A : Basalt

B : Granite

C : Nepheline-Syenite

D : Diorite

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Gibbsite is ore of


A : Iron

B : Aluminium

C : Manganese

D : Lead

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Beryl is commercially known as


A : Emerald

B : Ruby

C : Peridot

D : Moonstone

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