Building Construction - Part 1 Online Exam Quiz

Building Construction - Part 1 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Building Construction - Part 1. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Building Construction - Part 1

Queen closer may be placed


A : in header course

B : in stretcher course

C : in header course next to first brick

D : in stretcher course next to first brick

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Dado is usually provided in


A : dinning halls

B : bath rooms

C : living rooms

D : verandah

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The foundation in which a cantilever beam is provided to join two footings, is known as


A : strip footing

B : strap footing

C : combined footing

D : raft footing

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The foundations are placed below ground level, to increase


A : strength

B : workability

C : stability of structure

D : all the above.

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Stud(s) of a common wooden partition


A : are vertical wooden members

B : is the upper horizontal wooden member

C : is the lower horizontal wooden member

D : are the intermediate horizontal wooden members.

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Pick up the correct statement from the following :


A : inclined borings are made for taking samples under existing structures

B : inclined borings are occasionally used instead of vertical holes.

C : the spacing of inclined borings is kept such that one bore hole is vertically above the bottom of an adjacent bore hole.

D : all the above.

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To ensure that supporting area of an offset footing of a boundary wall is fully compressive, the C.G. of load must act


A : at the centre of the base

B : within the middle third of the base

C : within the middle fifth of the base

D : neither (a), (b) nor (c).

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The 9 cm x 9 cm side of a brick as seen in the wall face, is generally known as


A : stretcher

B : face

C : front

D : header

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The taper of precast concrete pile should not be more than


A : 1 cm per metre length

B : 2 cm per metre length

C : 4 cm per metre length

D : 5 cm per metre length.

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The under surface of an arch, is called


A : soffit

B : intrados

C : haunch

D : back.

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