Building Materials - Part 1 Online Exam Quiz

Building Materials - Part 1 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Building Materials - Part 1. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Building Materials - Part 1

In a mortar, the binding material is


A : cement

B : sand

C : surkhi

D : cinder.

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Wrought iron contains carbon upto


A : 0.25%

B : 1.0%

C : 1.5%

D : 2%.

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Pick up the polymineralic rock from the following:


A : Quartz sand

B : Pure gypsum

C : Magnesite

D : Granite

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Ultimate strength to cement is provided by


A : Tricalcium silicate

B : Di-calcium silicate

C : Tri-calcium aluminate

D : Tetra calcium alumino ferrite.

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Elastomers can extend upto


A : five times their original dimensions

B : seven times their original dimensions

C : ten times their original dimensions

D : three times their original dimensions.

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Bitumen felt


A : is used as water proofing material

B : is used as damp proofing material

C : is made from bitumen and hessian fibres

D : all the above.

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In the method of condensation polymerization,


A : low-molecular substances are removed from the high molecular substance

B : the reaction proceeds with an evolution of ammonia

C : the reaction proceeds with an evolution of hydrogen chloride

D : all the above.

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In the cement the compound quickest to react with water, is


A : Tricalcium aluminate

B : Tetra-calcium alumino-ferrite

C : Tricalcium silicate

D : Dicalcium silicate.

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The initial setting time of lime-pozzolana, is


A : 30 minutes

B : 60 minutes

C : 90 minutes

D : 120 minutes.

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The clay to be used for manufacturing bricks for a large project, is dugout and allowed to weather throughout


A : the monsoon

B : the winter

C : the summer

D : none of these.

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