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Which of the following is not a basic element within the microprocessor?


A : Microcontroller

B : Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)

C : Register array

D : Control unit

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Which method bypasses the CPU for certain types of data transfer?


A : Software interrupts

B : Interrupt-driven I/O

C : Polled I/O

D : Direct memory access (DMA)

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Which of the following is not an enhancement to the Pentium that was unavailable in the 8086/8088?


A : "Pipelined" architecture

B : Expansion of cache memory

C : Inclusion of an internal math coprocessor

D : Data/address line multiplexing

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Which bus is bidirectional?


A : Address bus

B : Control bus

C : Data bus

D : None of the above

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DMA is particularly suited for data transfer between the ________.


A : disk drive and CPU

B : disk drive and RAM

C : disk drive and ROM

D : disk drive and I/O

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The first microprocessor had a(n)________.


A : 1-bit data bus

B : 2-bit data bus

C : 4-bit data bus

D : 8-bit data bus

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Which microprocessor has multiplexed data and address lines?


A : 8086/8088

B : 80286

C : 80386

D : Pentium

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Which is not an operand?


A : Variable

B : Register

C : Memory location

D : Assembler

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Which is not part of the execution unit (EU)?


A : Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)

B : Clock

C : General registers

D : Flags

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A 20-bit address bus can locate ________.


A : 1,048,576 locations

B : 2,097,152 locations

C : 4,194,304 locations

D : 8,388,608 locations

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