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The ________ circuit overcomes the problem of switching caused by jitter on the inputs.


A : astable multivibrator

B : monostable multivibrator

C : bistable multivibrator

D : Schmitt trigger

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Why would a delay gate be needed for a digital circuit?


A : A delay gate is never needed.

B : to provide for setup times

C : to provide for hold times

D : to provide for setup times and hold times

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An optocoupler is an integrated circuit with an LED and a zener diode encased in the same package.


A : True

B : False

C : -

D : -

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A Schmitt trigger has V T + = 2.0 V and V T – = 1.2 V. What is the hysteresis voltage of the Schmitt trigger?


A : 0.4 volt

B : 0.6 volt

C : 0.8 volt

D : 1.2 volts

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Which of the following circuit parameters would be most likely to limit the maximum operating frequency of a flip-flop?


A : setup and hold time

B : clock pulse HIGH and LOW time

C : propagation delay time

D : clock transition time

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A 0.01- F capacitor is recommended by TTL manufacturers for ________ the power supply.


A : decoupling

B : filtering

C : rectifying

D : grounding

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Why does the data sheet for the 7476 only give a minimum value for the clock pulse width (both HIGH and LOW)?


A : nominal value

B : best-case condition

C : worst-case condition

D : -

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Why is the Schmitt trigger needed in the 60-Hz TTL-level clock pulse generator?


A : to provide a triangle wave

B : to provide a sine wave

C : to provide a rounded pulse waveform

D : to provide a sharp pulse waveform

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The main concern when using a pull-down resistor is:


A : the low power dissipation of the resistor

B : it will keep a floating terminal LOW

C : the high power dissipation of the resistor

D : it will cause false triggering

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Look up the propagation delay from the clock to the output for the 7476. Are the HIGH-to-LOW and LOW-to-HIGH propagation delays the same?


A : yes

B : no, t PLH = 25 ns, t PHL = 40 ns

C : no, t PLH = 40 ns, t PHL = 25 ns

D : no, t PHL = 25 ns, t PLH = 40 ns

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