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Parallel Circuits - General Questions GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Parallel Circuits - General Questions. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Parallel Circuits - General Questions

An ammeter has an internal resistance of 50 . The meter movement itself can handle up to 1 mA. If 10 mA is applied to the meter, the shunt resistor, R SH1 , is approximately


A : 55

B : 5.5

C : 50

D : 9

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The total resistance of a parallel circuit is 50 . If the total current is 120 mA, the current through the 270 resistor that makes up part of the parallel circuit is approximately


A : 22 mA

B : 120 mA

C : 220 mA

D : 50 mA

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The currents into a junction flow along two paths. One current is 4 A and the other is 3 A. The total current out of the junction is


A : 1 A

B : 7 A

C : unknown

D : the larger of the two

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When an additional resistor is connected across an existing parallel circuit, the total resistance


A : remains the same

B : decreases by the value of the added resistor

C : increases by the value of the added resistor

D : decreases

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When a 1.6 k resistor and a 120 resistor are connected in parallel, the total resistance is


A : greater than 1.6 k

B : greater than 120 but less than 1.6 k

C : less than 120 but greater than 100

D : less than 100

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If there are a total of 120 mA into a parallel circuit consisting of three branches, and two of the branch currents are 40 mA and 10 mA, the third branch current is


A : 50 mA

B : 70 mA

C : 120 mA

D : 40 mA

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Three lights are connected in parallel across a 120 volt source. If one light burns out,


A : the remaining two will glow dimmer

B : the remaining two will glow brighter

C : the remaining two will not light

D : the remaining two will glow with the same brightness as before

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Four equal-value resistors are connected in parallel. Ten volts are applied across the parallel circuit and 2 mA are measured from the source. The value of each resistor is


A : 12.5

B : 200

C : 20 K

D : 50

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A set of Christmas tree lights is connected in parallel across a 110 V source. The filament of each light bulb is 1.8 k . The current through each bulb is approximately


A : 610 mA

B : 18 mA

C : 110 mA

D : 61 mA

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The power dissipation in each of four parallel branches is 1.2 W. The total power dissipation is


A : 1.2 W

B : 4.8 W

C : 0.3 W

D : 12 W

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