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Bipolar Junction Transistors - General Questions GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Bipolar Junction Transistors - General Questions. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Bipolar Junction Transistors - General Questions

Refer to this figure. Determine the minimum value of I B that will produce saturation.


A : 0.25 mA

B : 5.325 A

C : 1.065 A

D : 10.425 A

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A transistor amplifier has a voltage gain of 100. If the input voltage is 75 mV, the output voltage is:


A : 1.33 V

B : 7.5 V

C : 13.3 V

D : 15 V

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Refer to this figure. If V CE = 0.2 V, I C(sat) is:


A : 0.05 mA

B : 2.085 mA

C : 1.065 mA

D : 7.4 mA

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What is the ratio of I C to I B ?


A : DC

B : h FE

C : DC

D : either DC or h FE , but not DC

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For normal operation of a pnp BJT, the base must be ________ with respect to the emitter and ________ with respect to the collector.


A : positive, negative

B : positive, positive

C : negative, positive

D : negative, negative

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Refer to this figure. The value of V BC is:


A : 9.2 V

B : 9.9 V

C : –9.9 V

D : –9.2 V

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When a transistor is used as a switch, it is stable in which two distinct regions?


A : saturation and active

B : active and cutoff

C : saturation and cutoff

D : none of the above

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The term BJT is short for


A : base junction transistor.

B : binary junction transistor.

C : both junction transistor.

D : bipolar junction transistor.

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For a silicon transistor, when a base-emitter junction is forward-biased, it has a nominal voltage drop of


A : 0.7 V.

B : 0.3 V.

C : 0.2 V.

D : V CC .

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A certain transistor has I C = 15 mA and I B = 167 A; DC is:


A : 15

B : 167

C : 0.011

D : 90

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