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BJT Amplifiers - General Questions GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to BJT Amplifiers - General Questions. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about BJT Amplifiers - General Questions

Which of the following configurations has the lowest output impedance?


A : Fixed-bias

B : Voltage-divider

C : Emitter-follower

D : None of the above

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Which of the h-parameters corresponds to r e in a common-base configuration?


A : h ib

B : h fb

C : h rb

D : h ob

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Refer to this figure. Find the value of I E .


A : 2 mA

B : 4 mA

C : 5 mA

D : 6 mA

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Which of the following is referred to as the reverse transfer voltage ratio?


A : h i

B : h r

C : h f

D : h o

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Which of the following conditions must be met to allow the use of the approximate approach in a voltage-divider bias configuration?


A : r e > 10R 2

B : R E > 10R 2

C : R E < 10R 2

D : r e < 10R 2

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Refer to this figure. Determine the value of A v .


A : 49.6

B : 5

C : 100

D : 595

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For a common-emitter amplifier, the purpose of swamping is


A : to minimize gain.

B : to reduce the effects of r' e

C : to maximize gain.

D : no purpose.

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What is the typical value of the current gain of a common-base configuration?


A : Less than 1

B : Between 1 and 50

C : Between 100 and 200

D : Undefined

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What is the most important r parameter for amplifier analysis?


A : r b ?

B : r c ?

C : r e ?

D : -

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An emitter-follower is also known as a


A : common-emitter amplifier.

B : common-base amplifier.

C : common-collector amplifier.

D : Darlington pair.

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