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How much is the base-to-emitter voltage of a transistor in the "on" state?


A : 0 V

B : 0.7 V

C : 0.7 mV

D : Undefined

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How many layers of material does a transistor have?


A : 1

B : 2

C : 3

D : 4

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Which of the following equipment can check the condition of a transistor?


A : Current tracer

B : Digital display meter (DDM)

C : Ohmmeter (VOM)

D : All of the above

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For what kind of amplifications can the active region of the common-emitter configuration be used?


A : Voltage

B : Current

C : Power

D : All of the above

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In the active region, while the collector-base junction is ________-biased, the base-emitter is ________-biased.


A : forward, forward

B : forward, reverse

C : reverse, forward

D : reverse, reverse

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A transistor can be checked using a(n) ________.


A : curve tracer

B : digital meter

C : ohmmeter

D : Any of the above

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What range of resistor values would you get when checking a transistor for forward- and reverse-biased conditions by an ohmmeter?


A : 100 to a few k , exceeding 100 k

B : Exceeding 100 k , 100 to a few k

C : Exceeding 100 k , exceeding 100 k

D : 100 to a few k , 100 to a few k

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Calculate minority current I CO if I C = 20.002 mA and I C majority = 20 mA.


A : 20 A

B : 0.002 A

C : 2 nA

D : 2 A

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What is (are) the component(s) of electrical characteristics on the specification sheets?


A : On

B : Off

C : Small-signal characteristics

D : All of the above

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In which region are both the collector-base and base-emitter junctions forward-biased?


A : Active

B : Cutoff

C : Saturation

D : All of the above

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