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Alternating Current vs Direct Current - General Questions GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Alternating Current vs Direct Current - General Questions. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Alternating Current vs Direct Current - General Questions

What are the two main applications for ac?


A : direct, pulsating

B : electric, magnetic

C : power, information

D : static, dynamic

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The distance that a signal's energy can travel in the time it takes for one cycle to occur is called the signal's:


A : amplitude

B : frequency

C : wavelength

D : period

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One oscilloscope selector knob that allows the major and minor divisions of the graticule to be used to determine a signal amplitude value is called the:


A : time/cm control

B : position control

C : intensity control

D : volts/cm control

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If current varies periodically from zero to a maximum, back to zero, and then repeats, the signal is:


A : direct

B : alternating

C : pulsating

D : repetitive

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What voltage will an ac voltmeter display?


A : rms

B : average

C : peak

D : peak-to-peak

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What is the peak value of a household appliance that uses a 230 V ac source?


A : 163 V

B : 230 V

C : 325 V

D : 480 V

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What is the waveform period difference between the 60 Hz electricity used in this country and the 50 Hz used in Europe?


A : 3 ms

B : 16 ms

C : 4 ms

D : 20 ms

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Test equipment selection enables the technician to both generate signals and:


A : change circuit conditions

B : inject signals

C : sense circuit conditions

D : change signal frequencies

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Why is ac current transfer more effective than dc current transfer over long distances?


A : due to the height of power lines

B : due to the use of ac generators

C : due to step-up and step-down transformers reducing I 2 R losses

D : due to very high voltages

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A sine wave reaches maximum positive voltage at:


A : 90°

B : 0°

C : –90°

D : 360°

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