Diodes and Applications - General Questions Online Exam Quiz

Diodes and Applications - General Questions GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Diodes and Applications - General Questions. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Diodes and Applications - General Questions

What is a varistor?


A : a voltage-dependent resistor

B : a voltage-dependent diode

C : a current-dependent resistor

D : a current-dependent diode

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Which type of transformer is required to create a 180 degree input to a rectifier?


A : center-tapped secondary

B : step-down secondary

C : stepped-up secondary

D : split winding primary

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What circuit activity may shift a characteristic curve so that diode operating points are different?


A : higher power (heat)

B : higher resistance

C : lower voltage

D : lower current

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What is wrong with this diode?


A : open

B : short

C : nothing

D : not enough data

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The dc current through each diode in a bridge rectifier equals:


A : the load current

B : half the dc load current

C : twice the dc load current

D : one-fourth the dc load current

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When matching polarity connections have been made and the potential difference (PD) is above 0.7 V, the diode is considered to be:


A : not working

B : forward biased

C : reverse biased

D : an open switch

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In a power supply diagram, which block indicates a smooth dc output?


A : transformer

B : filter

C : rectifier

D : regulator

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If a 169.7 V half-wave peak has an average voltage of 54 V, what is the average of two full-wave peaks?


A : 119.9 V

B : 108.0 V

C : 115.7 V

D : 339.4 V

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What is the current through the LED?


A : 0 mA

B : 23 mA

C : 18 mA

D : 13 mA

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The characteristic curve for the complex model of a silicon diode shows that


A : the barrier potential is 0 V

B : the barrier potential stays fixed at 0.7 V

C : the barrier potential increases slightly with an increase in current

D : the barrier potential decreases slightly with an increase in current

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