Field Effect Transistors (FET) - General Questions Online Exam Quiz

Field Effect Transistors (FET) - General Questions GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Field Effect Transistors (FET) - General Questions. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Field Effect Transistors (FET) - General Questions

Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFET) contain how many diodes?


A : 4

B : 3

C : 2

D : 1

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When an input delta of 2 V produces a transconductance of 1.5 mS, what is the drain current delta?


A : 666 mA

B : 3 mA

C : 0.75 mA

D : 0.5 mA

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When not in use, MOSFET pins are kept at the same potential through the use of:


A : shipping foil

B : nonconductive foam

C : conductive foam

D : a wrist strap

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D-MOSFETs are sometimes used in series to construct a cascode high-frequency amplifier to overcome the loss of:


A : low output impedance

B : capacitive reactance

C : high input impedance

D : inductive reactance

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A "U" shaped, opposite-polarity material built near a JFET-channel center is called the:


A : gate

B : block

C : drain

D : heat sink

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When testing an n-channel D-MOSFET, resistance G to D = , resistance G to S = , resistance D to SS = and 500 , depending on the polarity of the ohmmeter, and resistance D to S = 500 . What is wrong?


A : short D to S

B : open G to D

C : open D to SS

D : nothing

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In the constant-current region, how will the I DS change in an n-channel JFET?


A : As V GS decreases I D decreases.

B : As V GS increases I D increases.

C : As V GS decreases I D remains constant.

D : As V GS increases I D remains constant.

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A MOSFET has how many terminals?


A : 2 or 3

B : 3

C : 4

D : 3 or 4

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I DSS can be defined as:


A : the minimum possible drain current

B : the maximum possible current with V GS held at –4 V

C : the maximum possible current with V GS held at 0 V

D : the maximum drain current with the source shorted

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What is the input impedance of a common-gate configured JFET?


A : very low

B : low

C : high

D : very high

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