Resistance and Power - General Questions Online Exam Quiz

Resistance and Power - General Questions GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Resistance and Power - General Questions. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Resistance and Power - General Questions

The resistivity of copper is:


A : 9.9

B : 10.7

C : 16.7

D : 17.0

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How do fixed resistors usually fail?


A : slowly over time

B : by increasing their value

C : by becoming an open circuit

D : by increasing their value and becoming an open circuit

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With Ohm's law, if voltage increases and resistance stays the same:


A : current remains the same

B : power decreases

C : current increases

D : resistance decreases

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Which formula shows a direct proportionality between power and voltage?


A : V = IR

B : P = VI

C : P = IR

D : I = V/R

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With 1 mA of current, what wattage rating should a 470 ohm resistor have?


A : 1/4 watt

B : 1/2 watt

C : 1 watt

D : 2 watts

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How is a 3.9 k resistor color-coded?


A : red, white, red, gold

B : red, green, orange, silver

C : orange, white, red, gold

D : orange, green, orange, silver

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What resistor type is found in SIPs and DIPs?


A : metal film

B : wirewound

C : metal oxide

D : thick film

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Ohm's law is not:


A : V = IR

B : I = V/R

C : R = IV

D : R = V/I

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What are the two major categories for resistors?


A : low and high ohmic value

B : commercial and industrial

C : low and high power value

D : fixed and variable

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How many connections does a potentiometer have?


A : 1

B : 2

C : 3

D : 4

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