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Automatic Control Systems - Part 1 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Automatic Control Systems - Part 1. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Automatic Control Systems - Part 1

Mechanical impedance is the ratio of


A : rms force to rms velocity

B : rms force to rms displacement

C : rms velocity to rms displacement

D : none of the above

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For the system in the given figure. The transfer function C( s )/R( s ) is


A : G 1 + G 2 + 1

B : G 1 G 2 + 1

C : G 1 G 2 + G 2 + 1

D : G 1 G 2 + G 1 + 1

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Whether a linear system is stable or unstable that it


A : is a property of the system only

B : depends on the input function only

C : both (a) and (b)

D : either (a) or (b)

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If a system is to follow arbitrary inputs accurately the bandwidth should be


A : large

B : small

C : very small

D : neither small nor large

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For the system of the given figure, the damping ratio of closed loop poles is


A : 1.5

B : 1

C : 0.5

D : 0.25

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A stepper motor is


A : a two phase induction motor

B : is a kind of rotating amplifier

C : is an electromagnetic transducer used to convert an angular position of shaft into electrical signal

D : is an electromechanical device which actuates a train of step angular movements in response to a train of input pulses on one to one basis

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In the given figure, the input frequency is such that R = X C . Then


A : v 0 lags v i by 45°

B : v 0 lags v i by 90°

C : v 0 leads v i by 45°

D : v 0 leads v i by 90°

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From the noise point of view, bandwidth should


A : be large

B : not be too large

C : should be as large as possible

D : should be infinite

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First column elements of Routh's tabulation are 3, 5, , 2. It means that there


A : is one root in left half s plane

B : are two roots in left half s plane

C : are two roots in right half s plane

D : is one root in right half s plane

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When a unit step voltage drives a lag network the output


A : remains constant at unit step value

B : increases exponentially from zero to final value

C : decreases exponentially from 1 to 0

D : either (b) of (c) depending on values of R and C

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