Industrial Engineering and Production Management - Part 1 Online Exam Quiz

Industrial Engineering and Production Management - Part 1 GK Quiz. Question and Answers related to Industrial Engineering and Production Management - Part 1. MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions with answers about Industrial Engineering and Production Management - Part 1

The aim of value engineering is to


A : find the depreciation value of a machine

B : determine the selling price of a product

C : minimise the cost without change in quality of the product

D : all of the above

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In time study, the rating factor is applied to determine


A : standard time of a job

B : merit rating of the worker

C : fixation of incentive rate

D : normal time of a worker

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Gantt chart is used for


A : inventory control

B : material handling

C : production schedule

D : machine repair schedules

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The main object of scientific layout is


A : to produce better quality of product

B : to utilise maximum floor area

C : to minimise production delays

D : all of these

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In value engineering, the term value refers to


A : manufacturing cost of the product

B : selling price of the product

C : total cost of the product

D : utility of the product

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In inventory control theory, the economic order quantity is


A : average level of inventory

B : optimum lot size

C : capacity of a warehouse

D : lot size corresponding to break-even analysis

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Production cost refers to prime cost plus


A : factory overheads

B : factory and administration overheads

C : factory, administration and sales overheads

D : factory, administration, sales overheads and profit

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A systematic job improvement sequence will consist of


A : motion study

B : time study

C : job enrichment

D : all of these

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Work sampling is applied for


A : estimation of the percentage utilisation of machine tools

B : estimating the percentage of the time consumed by various job activities

C : finding out time standards, specially where the job is not repetitive and where time study by stop watch method is not possible

D : all of the above

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Military type of organisation is known as


A : line organisation

B : functional organisation

C : line and staff organisation

D : line, staff and functional organisation

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