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Who was the ruler of Goa before it becomes a part of India


A : British

B : Dutch

C : Portuguese

D : French

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In which year the Operation Vijay was conducted resulting in the annexation of Goa


A : 1947

B : 1961

C : 1967

D : 1977

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In which year Goa recognised as a State


A : 1980

B : 1982

C : 1985

D : 1987

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Which one is the largest city by areawise in Goa


A : Vasco da Gama

B : Panaji

C : Margao

D : Ponda

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Which one is the longest beach in Goa


A : Anjuna Beach

B : Colava Beach

C : Vagator Beach

D : Palolem Beach

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In which year, the Portuguese moved the capital from Old Goa to Panjim


A : 1834

B : 1840

C : 1843

D : 1856

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Which one is the largest Church in Goa


A : Church of St Cajetan

B : Se Cathedral

C : Church of St Francis of Assisi

D : Immaculate Conception Church

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Who is the first Chief Minister of Goa


A : Luis Proto Barbosa

B : Pratapsingh Rane

C : Shashikala Kakodkar

D : Dayanand Bandodkar

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What is the literacy rate of Goa according to 2011 census


A : 82.59

B : 86.72

C : 88.70

D : 92.15

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Which one is the highest peak in Goa


A : Sonsogor

B : Vagheri Peak

C : Braganza Ghats

D : None of the above

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