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Which of the following statements are true regarding the command ip route ?


A : 1 and 2

B : 2 and 4

C : 3 and 4

D : All of the above

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Which command displays RIP routing updates?


A : show ip route

B : debug ip rip

C : show protocols

D : debug ip route

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Which statement is true regarding classless routing protocols?


A : 1, 3 and 5

B : 3 and 4

C : 2 and 5

D : None of the above

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You have the following routing table. Which of the following networks will not be placed in the neighbor routing table?


A :

B :

C :

D : All of them will be placed in the neighbor routing table.

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What is split horizon?


A : Information about a route should not be sent back in the direction from which the original update came.

B : It splits the traffic when you have a large bus (horizon) physical network.

C : It holds the regular updates from broadcasting to a downed link.

D : It prevents regular update messages from reinstating a route that has gone down.

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What command is used to stop RIP routing updates from exiting out an interface but still allow the interface to receive RIP route updates?


A : Router(config-if)# no routing

B : Router(config-if)# passive-interface

C : Router(config-router)# passive-interface s0

D : Router(config-router)# no routing updates

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Two connected routers are configured with RIP routing. What will be the result when a router receives a routing update that contains a higher-cost path to a network already in its routing table?


A : The updated information will be added to the existing routing table.

B : The update will be ignored and no further action will occur.

C : The updated information will replace the existing routing table entry.

D : The existing routing table entry will be deleted from the routing table and all routers will exchange routing updates to reach convergence.

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You type debug ip rip on your router console and see that is being advertised to you with a metric of 16. What does this mean?


A : The route is 16 hops away.

B : The route has a delay of 16 microseconds.

C : The route is inaccessible.

D : The route is queued at 16 messages a second.

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The Corporate router receives an IP packet with a source IP address of and a destination address of Looking at the output from the Corporate router, what will the router do with this packet?


A : The packet will be discarded.

B : The packet will be routed out the S0/0 interface.

C : The router will broadcast looking for the destination.

D : The packet will be routed out the Fa0/0 interface.

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If your routing table has a static, a RIP, and an IGRP route to the same network, which route will be used to route packets by default?


A : Any available route

B : RIP route

C : Static route

D : IGRP route

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